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Covid-19 Studio Policy

Scheduling sessions: 

We always need to continue to monitor the current restrictions, so please keep note that we may need to postpone your session if restrictions remain in place.


At Julia Nance Portraits we will be following a COVID Safe plan and adhering to strict cleaning restrictions to ensure the safety all of clients. 
Please note, that to resume photography, we must ensure:
  • While attending your photoshoot, 1.5 metres of social distancing must be adhered to between you and me at all times.
  • There is a no-contact policy in place between photographer and clients.
  • If you feel ill or show symptoms of illness or have come into contact with someone who is or has been ill, within 14 days of your session, please kindly reschedule and do not attend
  • Your session can be rescheduled if required.

How we will be keeping you safe:

Ensure Physical Distancing:
We will be ensuring both client and photographer maintain as much social distancing between each other as required.
This will be maintained with 1.5 metres of social distancing at all times.
The use of cropping and lens choice within photography can ensure we maintain this distance as required. 
Wear a Face Covering:
A mask will be worn if required by government restrictions.
Clients are expected to wear masks if required by government restrictions before and after their shoot but are not required to wear a mask while their photograph is being taken.
Practise Good Hygiene:
Before and after each session, strict cleaning will be in place. 
All surfaces will be cleaned with disinfectant, with particular attention to high-touch surfaces.
Hand sanitiser will be provided for all clients to use during their session.
We encourage clients to bring their own water bottles or keep cups for those wishing to have beverages during their sessions.
Sessions will be scheduled with an appropriate amount of time between each client, to ensure properly disinfecting can be adhered to.
Keeping Records:
Records of each client will be maintained so contact tracing can be applied if necessary. This information is taken upon making a booking.
If the photographer feels ill, the session must be rescheduled and the photographer must undergo COVID-19 testing. 
If clients feel ill within 14 days of their session, they must not attend. Sessions can be rescheduled with no penalty.
Avoiding close interactions in enclosed spaces:
We encourage outdoor photography during this time.

– Julia