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Wall Collections

Showcase your favourite family portraits and tell your own story.
Our wall collections are designed for maximum impact and maximum value.

Complete your home with a beautiful statement collection showcasing your beautiful portraits. We create custom wall displays for every family. You and your home are unique, and your art deserves to be too.

To give you some ideas, we have six popular collections to choose from, and you can select the artwork finish that will best suit your home (wood, canvas, metal, and framed options). Whatever your choice, you’ll have artwork to stand the test of time, that really brings life to your home.

We have a buy two & get 20% off on wall art. When we design your collection we'll be able to offer you this wonderful saving.

To help you achieve your dream collections, we also offer payment plans!
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Blossom Collection

Available in a Wood, Canvas, Metal and Framed finishes.

Banksia Collection

Available in Wood, Canvas, Metal and Framed finishes.

Daffodil Collection

Available in a Wood, Canvas, Metal and Framed finishes.

Acacia Collection

Available in a Wooden finish.

Grevillea Collection

Available in Metal and Framed finishes.

Orchid Collection

Available in Framed and Metal finishes.

Make A Statement

A wall collection is the perfect way to tell your family story and create a standout feature in your home.

Create your dream collection with an interest-free payment plan.
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