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I think this has to be one of my favourite shoots….ever?

Annabelle came into the studio and was the perfect subject. She’s a dancer, with a passion and dedication to ballet in particular. She brought along her stunning Tutu, blue which was perfect to compliment her eyes too.

I styled this shoot to be darker, moodier and creatively lit. There’s both contrast and softness. Annabelle has become a real focus, and her ability to relax and portray soft, serene and innocence through her expression was amazing.

With some fresh flowers, we created a sense of interest in these final shots. I really love this series of three!

A Mix Of Portraits

We did capture some images of Annabelle without the tutu as well. The portrait below captures her stunning eyes and engaging expression.

Annabelle took direction really well. I guided her on how to hold the flowers softly and delicately. She moved in subtle movements (perfect for portrait photography), and just had a lot of fun.

In between these serious shots were lots of giggles, smiles and general fun.

Check out the Behind The Scenes video below!

If you’d like your own fine art session, check out our experiences here. 

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