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Camera Confidence -

& why you shouldn't be afraid of getting your photo taken

I’ve heard it before: You don’t like having your photo taken

So I thought I’d share my experience of being in front of a camera. It’s common for many people to say they don’t like their photo being taken, but I’m here to change that!⁠

At some stage, our perception of ourselves change. When I photograph young people, they’re not concerned about many of the things adults worry about. How they look, being the main one. Children have fun in front of the camera, and generally it’s that pre-school to early primary school age that is the most carefree.

My experience of learning to enjoy being in front of the camera.

A little bit about this image. We have to flashback to October 2020, I had a little studio portrait session after the 2nd lockdown with my sister.

Primarily, this photoshoot was for me to take portraits of her, but she always offers to take photos of me as well. And this was the result!⁠

Being in front of the camera isn’t easy. I mean, you can’t see what you look like, and that’s certainly easy to overthink!

The most common objection or hesitation I hear from adults across all genres: “I hate having my photograph taken”.⁠

I used to have my own share of objections too. Things I have thought in the past were along the lines of:⁠

– I don’t like my nose,⁠
– What if I blink,⁠
– My smile often looks fake,⁠
– What if the angle looks bad,⁠
– Blemishes!!! ⁠

But now I feel differently.

It has been a very long time since I have been worried about any of these things above. These days, I enjoy getting my photo taken and am excited about seeing the images.

I love seeing the outtakes (they’re something to laugh at), and I love finding the images that I truly like. Mostly, I like looking back at different photos of myself throughout time. 

Working on your own camera confidence:

Don’t try telling me that you’re unphotogenic. Everyone has their own unique look, and everyone can get photos of themselves that they like.

Liking photos of yourself is very much a mindset. Overcome the idea that “all photos of me are bad” and move onto a positive view instead: “I spent an amazing day with my family, where we laughed. This is how I look when I’m at my happiest”.

The image below shows me at my happiest – I was wearing hiking gear, a raincoat that was drenched, no makeup, and a beanie. Certainly not my most glamorous moment, but this image is special purely for the moment it depicts.

Here are 7 tips to working on your camera confidence (and self-esteem):⁠

Lifestyle family portrait at Melbourne studio of four adults familyRemember, photos are for the future…

This mindset might take a little while to believe in, but just remember that your kids already believe it.

They’ll love the photos with you the most, and you’ll love the photos of them the most. It’s just the way things are. But just remember that you look great just as you are, and you’re perfect in the eyes of your family and friends.

& remember, every image taken now will be even more precious in 20 years times.

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