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Camera Confidence – and why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your photo taken

Camera Confidence – & why you shouldn’t be afraid of getting your photo taken I’ve heard it before: You don’t like having your photo taken So I thought I’d share my experience of being in front of a camera. It’s common for many people to say they don’t like their photo being taken, but I’m here to change that!⁠ At some stage, our perception of ourselves change. When I photograph young people, they’re not concerned about many of the things […]

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What to do with your old family photos

TIPS: What to do with your old family photos It’s exciting to discover old family photographs. Sitting together as a family and looking through your history together is one of life’s sweet little moments. I remember sitting on the floor in my lounge room, with a bag of small prints. The bag was filled with countless black and white moments from both my mother and fathers sides of the family. Snapshots of them as children. Images of my grandparents together. […]

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Colours that work for family portraits

WHAT TO WEAR: Colours that work for family portraits. How can you coordinate the colours in your family portraits? A great family photograph showcases the bond, love and personalities within your family. But for that picture-perfect, frame-able image, you’re going to want to think a little more about the little details. Forget the roll-out-of-bed look. You need to start coordinating and planning what you’re each going to wear for your family portraits. If you’re having a family portrait session with […]

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Black and white fine art portrait of woman in Melbourne portrait studio.

Powerful Black and White Portraits

powerful Black and White Portraits Black and white portraits are timeless, no matter what the genre. Black and white photographs always seem timeless. I’d say that’s because of the history of photography, and traditional photography developed black and white results. And while photography moved into colour, and now digital, there is still so much power in a black and white portrait. People still love black and white family photos, and they certainly look great framed on the wall in a […]

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A Sneak Peak: Our Studio Wardrobe

A Sneak Peak at our Studio Wardrobe How on earth do you know what to wear for your family photoshoot? Knowing what to wear for your photoshoot can be difficult. It is hard to coordinate everyone’s outfits for family photos, and finding outfits that photograph well is half the challenge too. When it comes to portrait photography, not all outfits are equal. There are some colours and styles that will look better than others, and as photographers, we have a […]

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Styling photos in your home – How to display your family photos

Styling photos in your home – How to display your family photos We’ve established the reasons why you should display your family photos but there are some big decisions on how you should display them. Every home is different, and what works for one family might not work for you. There are lots of options when it comes to styling your family photos in your home. From wall collections to smaller desk displays. Have a look at the different options […]

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Why Print Your Professional Family Photos?

Why Print Your Professional Family Photos? Getting some professional family photography captured of you and your loves is a really special moment. For some families, it has been on the ‘to-do’ list for years. Time passes us by incredibly quickly. So much so, that we often forget to stop, pause, and preserve our memories. And with everything being so ‘digital’ and online these days, it’s easy for us to lose, forget and ignore the photos we do have of our […]

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Capturing Fine Art Portraits with Monet & Wilkie

Capturing Fine Art Portraits with Monet & Wilkie Sibling Love Monet and Wilkie are two siblings with an amazing bond. You can really see how much they adore each other, and witnessing their sibling love in our fine art photoshoot session was really quite amazing. What was extra special about these two was their natural tendencies to support each other. Encouraging words, smiles and making each other laugh. While Monet was a little bit unsure at first about having all […]

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