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Why Print Your Professional Family Photos?

Getting some professional family photography captured of you and your loves is a really special moment. For some families, it has been on the ‘to-do’ list for years.

Time passes us by incredibly quickly. So much so, that we often forget to stop, pause, and preserve our memories. And with everything being so ‘digital’ and online these days, it’s easy for us to lose, forget and ignore the photos we do have of our family.

There’s nothing like a printed photograph.

I have a box of photographs that my family and I went through together. They were old, small, black and white prints of my Grandparent’s, their friends and family, and eventually their children (my Mum and Aunties).

What made these photographs really special was my insight into their world, 60/70+ years ago! Before I was even a thought. Before my mother was. Yet, here I was, connecting, cherishing, living their moments – just their everyday lives.

The thing that made me really think, was how I would never have been able to witness and be a part of this family history if we didn’t have those prints lying around. So to me, printed photos are special. Printed photographs allow us to reconnect with our past.

But what will I do with a bunch of prints?

This is the thing. We take SO many photos these days. Back when my Grandparent’s were capturing their lives, they weren’t. They didn’t have smartphones to whip out at every single moment. Taking a photo of their breakfast, of every new child in their special outfit, of their dogs running around – it wasn’t practical for them.

That’s why we need to consider what photos are worth printing.

Not every family photo is going to be one you want to put on display. If you’re investing in professional family photography, you’re more likely going to have a few standout special ones that you fall in love with. Pick the highlights, and find some spectacular ways to display them.

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