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Featuring Ishi – Kids Confidence Campaign

Kid’s Confidence Campaign Ishi What is the Kid’s Confidence Campaign? In the mid-year school holidays, I wanted to do something that has been on my mind for a while. It was the Kid’s Confidence Campaign. Designed to have young people visit the studio for photoshoots that would be full of fun, encouragement and a chance to be in the spotlight. The main goals of the Kid’s Confidence Campaign were to help increase self-esteem, to create love of oneself, and to […]

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Colours that work for family portraits

WHAT TO WEAR: Colours that work for family portraits. How can you coordinate the colours in your family portraits? A great family photograph showcases the bond, love and personalities within your family. But for that picture-perfect, frame-able image, you’re going to want to think a little more about the little details. Forget the roll-out-of-bed look. You need to start coordinating and planning what you’re each going to wear for your family portraits. If you’re having a family portrait session with […]

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Black and white fine art portrait of woman in Melbourne portrait studio.

Powerful Black and White Portraits

powerful Black and White Portraits Black and white portraits are timeless, no matter what the genre. Black and white photographs always seem timeless. I’d say that’s because of the history of photography, and traditional photography developed black and white results. And while photography moved into colour, and now digital, there is still so much power in a black and white portrait. People still love black and white family photos, and they certainly look great framed on the wall in a […]

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